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Since 1958, our boxes have helped turn your wishes into reality


Over time the company has specialised in luxury packaging for footwear, leather goods and shirts. It is currently venturing successfully into new sectors of the packaging and paper-transformation industry such as 

the multimedia and publishing markets.


The high levels of product quality and the efficiency of its service are the result of a synergy that has been established between a highly specialised staff and new technologies - all in the name of a team spirit that has always been geared towards total customer satisfaction.


Box manufacturer Scatolificio al Capriccio was founded by the Magro brothers in 1958.


Their commitment and dedication lead to them quickly acquiring the important skills and professional qualities required in the field of packaging and paper transformation so that now they are now constantly meeting the needs of the footwear manufacturing industry of the Riviera del Brenta.


The eighties marked the company's transition from what was then a manual manufacturing process to one that was to become increasingly mechanised, through the use of state-of-the-art machinery and cutting edge solutions.



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